Aobo Mac Spy Software – 100% CLEAN Award from Softpedia

We just received a letter from the famous software download and review site –

The letter content:


As you may already know, Aobo Keylogger, one of your products, is part of
Softpedia’s database of software programs for Mac OS. It is featured with a
description text, screenshots, download links and technical details on this

The description text was created by our editors, using sources such as
text from your product’s homepage, information from its help system, the
PAD file (if available) and the editor’s own opinions on the program

“Aobo Keylogger” has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several
الرائدة في صناعة الحلول الأمنية وجدت لتكون نظيفة تماما من
adware/spyware components.
ونحن نشعر بالإعجاب مع نوعية الخاص بك
product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.

To assure our visitors that Aobo Keylogger is clean, we have granted it
مع ال “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award. To let your users know about this
certification, you may display this award on your website, on software
boxes or inside your product.

مزيد من المعلومات حول منح الشهادات للمنتج الخاص بك والجائزة
available on this page:

Feel free to link to us using the URLs above. If you choose to link to the
clean award page for your product, you may use the award graphic or a text
link: “100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia”.

إذا كنت تشعر أن وجود المنتج الخاص بك المدرجة في برامج مجانية لا فائدة
for you or simply need something changed or updated, please contact us via
الكتابة الينا ونحن سوف نعمل معكم من اجل حل أي
problem you may have found with the product’s listing.

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