Computer-Spion-Software für Mac OS X

What are they doing on your Mac when you are away?

Aobo Computer-Spion-Software für Mac OS X Aufzeichnungen keystrokes and Passwords typed, websites visited, desktop screenshots, chats, email messages von Nutzern auf Ihrem Mac OS X gesendet und sogar IP Adresse of your Mac. After Aobo Computer Spy Software for Mac is installed onto the Mac you want to monitor, it silently records everything Mac users do online. You can use it as the computer monitoring software on your Mac when you are away.

Are you worried about how your kids behave online while you are away? Do you wonder what your employees do online during working time?

Aobo unsichtbar und verstohlen Computer-Spion-Software für Mac will assist you to hit your target with the advanced but still easy-to-use features.

  • Starten Sie als Benutzer-Login im Stealth-Modus zu überwachen
  • Log Passwords (Professional) and keystrokes typed
  • Nehmen Sie Webseiten in gängigen Web-Browsern besucht
  • Log-Chat-Gespräche von gemeinsamen Mac IMs
  • Nehmen Sie qualitativ hochwertige Desktop-Screenshots in regelmäßigen Abständen
  • Melden Sie alle Protokolle auf Ihre E-Mail-Box oder FTP-Raum

Aobo Computer-Spion-Software für Mac gives you the ability to monitor your Mac from another computer or Internet. Aobo Spy Software for Mac Reports can be sent to your email box like Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL mainland others, which enables you to monitor your Mac on another computer in your home, your office or anywhere else.

Aobo Computer Spy Software for Mac facilities you best when you:

  • Consider tracking what has been done on your Mac silently.
  • Would like to know what keystrokes are typed on your Mac.
  • Have admin privilege and need to record Passwords typed on your Mac.
  • Need to know what websites are visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Zweck zu erwerben Informationen Ihres Mac-Desktop-Aktivität
  • Think about obtaining chat logs of Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium and MSN.
  • Want to be informed with emails about what happened on your Mac.
  • Sam Gunning says:

    Does this allow for remote access from another Mac or PC? Could I use this to find out what’s going on while I am on a trip?

    Re: Yes. Aobo Mac Spy will send all the logs to the email address you specify so that you can receive and check the logs wherever you are.

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