Wie die besten Mac-Spion-Software zu wählen

When you come to find spy software for mac, you may always want to choose the best one without spending a lot time to research.
Here we offer some suggestions about how to choose the best Mac Spy Software.
We do the research so you don’t need to.

Step 1. Know what function do you need.

  • If you just want to record keystrokes except passwords. Then any Mac Spy Software has this feature. Please just go to Step 2.
  • If you need Mac Spy software to record passwords. Then the only choice is Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition.
  • To record website visits, screenshots of the desktop is easy, just go to Step 2..

Step 2. Check their customer support level.

  • If the Mac spy software vendor doesn’t provide online instructions, faqs, documents of the software. You will get into trouble if you purchase from the vendor.
  • Always select the Mac spy software provider with online live support. Live support shows the company is real and live. You may contact them for help very easily.
  • Support-Ticket-System ist notwendig, die Unterstützung E-Mail als Spam abgelehnt oder markiert werden

Step 3. Compare the Mac Spy software price

  • Sie die Software nicht mit extrem niedrigen Preis kaufen, da es immer Betrug
  • Erwerben Sie die Spion-Software für Mac nach Ihrem Budget

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