Deal mit dem Problem der Registrierung Failure

When you fail to register Aobo Mac Spy Software with your registration code, don’t worry. The following tips will help you out.

Error Message: “Connection Error!!!
Not able to validate registration at this time”
If you got this error message, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please make sure you can open Plimus https page on the Mac, e.g. Aobo keyloger Kaufseite
  2. If you can’t open the page above, please make sure your internet connection is enabled.
  3. Please check if there is Parental Control on the Mac and disable it. Guide about Wie Kindersicherung auf dem Mac zu deaktivieren. After registration, you can re-enable the Parental Control.
  4. Don’t forget to adjust the settings of third-party parental control tools such as Safe Eyes if you have them on your Mac. Those tools may prevent you from registering.

Error Message: “Invalid Key! Registration unsuccessful”
If you got this error message, please check the below solutions:

  1. The Registration Code format is “XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX”, confirm that the first string has three characters.
  2. Please make sure all the registration code characters are in CAPITAL. There is no low case letter in the registration code.
  3. Please don’t mistake letter “O” for “0 (zero)”, or “I” for “1 (one)”. There is no number in the registration code.
  4. Please check if you have added extra spaces to the registration code by mistake. No space is allowed when you type in registration code.

Any further question about registration issues, please contact Aobo Mac Spy Software support team

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