El personal de Monitoreo Mac OS X software espía

Today, employee Mac computer monitoring is more and more popular. Most of the office owners are finding a way to monitor the utilization of Mac computers.

Almost about 100% of the employees need to work with computers, so checking their performance on the computers is a way to get know more about the employees. At the same time, it’s a difficult task to monitor employees’ Mac computer since they are able to delete logs or they set the password for the device without anyone knows. In this case, you need a more professional monitoring solution rather that checking the computer or office surveillance cameras.

Is there a comprehensive solution? Sure, Mac spy software for employee monitoring, such as Aobo Mac Keylogger will be your perfect tool in employee monitoring. After installed onto staff’s computers, Aobo Mac Keylogger will invisibly run in background. The Mac Keylogger enables you to read all of your employees’ activities, like entered keystrokes, visited websites, chat conversations.

It’s also very convenient for employers to monitor staff with Aobo Mac Keylogger since the keylogger is able to send the logs by email or FTP secretly. For the log delivery method, FTP is highly recommended. You can set the servidor FTP from your local network server. With only several steps, the keylogger will upload the logs to your FTP account. So you can check the logs anytime.

¿Cuáles son las características más importantes de Aobo Mac Keylogger Employee Monitoring

  • Monitoreo invisible
  • Registrar cada golpe de teclado mecanografiado
  • Iniciar conversaciones en mensajería instantánea como iChat / AIM / Adium / Skype / MSN chatear
  • Entrar visitado el sitio web los usuarios navegar
  • Captura instantáneas de escritorio
  • Entregar los registros a su correo electrónico o un servidor FTP en secreto
  • Proteger el keylogger con contraseña

The Mac keylogger is very useful for understanding employee activity every day. It’s also essential to examine their status of chatting, searching. After months of applying Aobo Mac Keylogger, you will get the positive effect of monitoring employee.

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