Descargar Spy Software para Mac para vigilar a los niños

I wanna download spy software to monitor my children. They are using Mac OS. Where can I find that?

Programs that monitor what takes place on the computer record everything that a user does while on the computer, online and offline. Keystrokes, emails, chats, even homework. All activity is monitored and recorded. Standing over their shoulder watching them is not practical, so the other solution is to install an Internet or computer monitoring program. For the safety of your family, you need to know what is taking place on the computer at all times. Keep your kids safe while using the Internet.

We believe that parents need to spend time with their children, especially when they are surfing the Internet, but we also understand that a parent cannot always be present when the child is online. Aobo Keylogger para Mac helps to bridge that gap, by recording what the child does so that the parent can review this at a later time.

Cómo supervisar los empleados Navegación por Internet Hábitos?

I was wondering where I can download software for Mac which will allow a company to monitor its employees’ web browsing habits and report them back to the company’s server where they can be retrieved and reviewed by authorized individuals. Can you make any recommendations?

Aobo Keylogger para Mac is an invisible computer monitoring program that runs hidden in the background and takes screenshots of the activities.

It is a wonderful computer spy program for business that runs behind the background, and records every activity that employee performs on his or her computer, be it chatting, net surfing, file sharing or anything else for that matter without being caught.

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Averiguar la verdad con Mac Key Logger

Have you wondered why your children are so crazy for playing on the computer? Or did you find that your husband often plays on the computer late until midnight? What did he do on the Internet? Do you want to figure out if your employees work seriously on their computer during working time? How serious are your employees about their working? There is still a lot of such questions that we want to ask and find out the truth of these issues, but most of the time, it is difficult for us to get an efficient way to get answers of all questions. At this time, most people choose to question their kids, lovers, or employees, which will be just the opposite to what you wish.

Nowadays, a perfect and effective way to help you find out all the truth is to install the Mac Key Logger on your Mac computers.

los Mac Key Logger is the most efficient spy software for Mac that is well designed for all Mac users to monitor all things done on their Mac computers, such as all keystrokes typed on the keyboard, websites visited on the Internet, chat conversations conducted in Skype, MSN and more. It is an important Mac spy software that can help you find out all truth secretly without letting your kids, employees know.

¿Por qué es tan importante para que pueda utilizar el Mac Key Logger to find out all the truth secretly? There are many examples of marriage failure around our life which show that people who know the truth firstly can make a good preparation about bad situations. For example, if you find that your husband behaves strangely on the Internet because he often chats with others you don’t know at all late until midnight, what will you do about this situation? Ask him directly? Prevent you don’t know anything about him? Or Choose to believe him? If you question him directly, he is more likely to be angry that you don’t trust him and the relationship between you two will break up as well. But you also feel uncomfortable if you don’t make everything clear. So the best way is to monitor him on the computer secretly. Mac Key Logger must be your best choice to help you monitor all things happening to him.

Aobo Mac Keylogger es el más potente Mac Key Logger that are recommended for you to install on your Mac computer to help you record everything done on the target Mac invisibly. It begins to work automatically every time when your Mac starts and won’t show up anywhere on your Mac, all activities your kids, lovers or employees do are all recorded in a stealth mode. All keystrokes typed, websites visited, screenshot captured, social networking activities and more will be recorded in detail by this key logger for Mac to tell you all the truth about what happens to them. Besides, you can check all recorded logs remotely on any computer, mobile phone which has a connected Internet.

Software espía de Internet para Mac registra todo

Software espía de Internet para Mac tracks and reports online activities of your kids, husband/wife, employees and people who use your Mac without your authorization.

Internet is a very nice media to connect with outer World. People use it to connect with other people, share files, and amuse themselves and take part in lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms. While browsing Internet, children, partners or employees who lack strong will can be misled to inappropriate online activities by harmful and trashy information.

A feasible plan is to monitor the Internet use. Software espía de Internet para Mac is capable of recording websites accessed with web browsers as well as everything that is pressed on the keyboard connected to your Mac.

  • Software espía de Internet para Mac records keystrokes, including account names and passwords, typed on any websites and applications by every user on your Mac.
  • Software espía de Internet para Mac logs visited websites in Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on your Mac. It also shows you the time stamps of opened websites.
  • Software espía de Internet para Mac tracks chat conversations in Instant Messengers, including the information of senders and receivers, dates and times and chat messages.
  • Software espía de Internet para Mac takes desktop snapshots. Software espía de Internet para Mac creates log files for recorded data and then sends to you via Email or uploads to your FTP space.

Internet Spy Software for Mac works in stealth mode. It automatically runs in background at Mac startup. When you are doing something else on desktop, Software espía de Internet para Mac will turn into stealth mode by itself. The only way to access the Software espía de Internet para Mac is to hit a secret hot key and offer a pre-set keylogger password.

Fácil de usar programa de espionaje Mac

Programa de espionaje Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use spy utility that runs stealthily under Mac OS X. This spy program allows you to monitor and record almost all activities on your Mac, then it creates reports and sends them to your expected email box. Programa de espionaje Mac can be used in homes, schools or offices to monitor and record every detail of your Mac and Internet activity. It is great to use Mac Spy Program to monitor your staff, partner or children.

Programa de espionaje Mac makes it easy to secretly see what others do on your Mac while you are away. After installation, it will begin secretly recording everything that is done on your Mac. Apart from keystrokes and websites, Programa de espionaje Mac records texts of emails composed and both sides of chat conversations in MSN, Adium, iChat, Skype and AOL Instant Messenger. This easy-to-use Programa de espionaje Mac also has the ability to instantly forward all the logged data directly to your email address. Aobo Mac espía is one of the cutting-edge Mac Spy Programs, which is the perfect tool for long-term recording and monitoring on Mac OS X.

Características principales de Programa de espionaje Aobo Mac para Mac OS X:

  • Registros de las pulsaciones de teclas
  • Registra los sitios web visitados
  • Registros de contraseñas Typed
  • Toma instantáneas de pantalla
  • Registros de las conversaciones de chat
  • Registra las pulsaciones de teclas en el correo electrónico
  • Envía los registros de actividad a través de correo electrónico o FTP
  • Se ejecuta en total STEALTH

In addition, with the powerful feature of Programa de espionaje Mac – desktop screenshots recording, you will be provided with clear and specific pictures of everything happened on your Mac. For example, desktop screenshots captured by Programa de espionaje Mac will show you the running applications and other desktop activities on your Mac.

Mac software espía como Programa de espionaje Mac from Aobo Software operates in stealth mode, so users will not be aware of its existence or be able to terminate or uninstall it.

Software espía indetectable para Mac

Aobo Mac Spy Software es una indetectable software espía para Mac OS X users, which invisibly logs Mac and Internet activities, such as keystrokes, accounts & passwords, composed Emails, instant messenger chats (MSN, AIM, Skype, iChat and Adium), desktop screenshots, visited websites (Safari, Firefox and Chrome), etc. In addition, Software espía indetectable para Mac has the feature of transferring logged data to a pre-set Email box or FTP space.

Software espía indetectable para Mac is the easiest and most effective solution for home and office users. Software espía indetectable para Mac effectively reveals online misbehaviors, unfaithful activities, Internet abuse and more of your kids, employees. With Software espía indetectable para Mac, parents can instantly find inappropriate website visiting and suspicious chats with "friends" of their kids, man or wife can easily disclose the nasty betrayal, the employers can quickly discover who are abusing company resources on surfing on-line shops and or social networking websites during working hours.

Software espía indetectable para Mac will put you at ease with its stealth feature. Aobo Indetectable espía software para Mac works unlike virus, malware or spyware, so it escapes detective work from Kaspersky, Norton and more. Without hints or popups, users would not have any clue that the Mac has been installed with Software espía indetectable para Mac.

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Invisible Spy Software para Mac

Aobo Spy Software for Mac new version is released days ago. Newly launched Aobo Spy Software for Mac makes enhancement in its invisibility feature. Apart from self-drive feature, Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac steps forward in following invisible features.

  • Invisible en Muelle / Barra de menús
  • Invisible en BUSCAR
  • Invisibles en el Finder Buscar
  • Invisible en Spotlight
  • Invisible en Arranque

aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac won’t show up in Dock and Menu Bar on your Mac, which is one of the minimum requirements to be an Invisible Spy Software for Mac.

SEARCH FOR in Finder sidebar keeps record of files and applications opened, used and changed on the Mac in past days. Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac removes its traces from SEARCH FOR even when it is running all day and night.

Finder provides Search feature on the top right corner no matter which folder you are in. Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac is hidden from Finder search result so no one else will notice its existence.

Spotlight helps Mac users find something in the whole Mac system. Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac perfectly invisible in Spotlight results so that other users on the Mac won’t know the spy software for Mac by searching with Spotlight.

Aobo Invisible Spy Software for Mac works as Mac starts up, but it never shows up in Login Items list like other applications do. Users won’t find that Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac is installed and set to run automatically during account configuring.

Los usuarios son capaces de eliminar Aobo Invisible Spy Software para Mac download folder from Mac after installation. The only way for users to open the Invisible Spy Software is to hit hot key on keyboard and then provide a preset password. With Aobo Invisible Spy Software for Mac, you are on the way to the truth.

Computer Spy Software para Mac OS X

What are they doing on your Mac when you are away?

Aobo equipo espía software para Mac OS X archivos keystrokes and Passwords typed, websites visited, desktop screenshots, chats, email messages enviado por los usuarios en su Mac OS X e incluso dirección IP of your Mac. After Aobo Computer Spy Software for Mac is installed onto the Mac you want to monitor, it silently records everything Mac users do online. You can use it as the computer monitoring software on your Mac when you are away.

Are you worried about how your kids behave online while you are away? Do you wonder what your employees do online during working time?

Aobo invisible y sigiloso Computer Spy Software para Mac will assist you to hit your target with the advanced but still easy-to-use features.

  • Comenzará a monitorear como inicio de sesión de usuario en modo oculto
  • Log Passwords (Professional) and keystrokes typed
  • sitios web visitados récord en los navegadores web más populares
  • Entrar conversaciones de chat de mensajes instantáneos comunes de Mac
  • Tomar capturas de pantalla de escritorio de alta calidad periódicamente
  • Informar de todos los registros a su casilla de correo electrónico o el espacio FTP

Aobo equipo espía software para Mac gives you the ability to monitor your Mac from another computer or Internet. Aobo Spy Software for Mac Reports can be sent to your email box like Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL mainland others, which enables you to monitor your Mac on another computer in your home, your office or anywhere else.

Aobo Computer Spy Software for Mac facilities you best when you:

  • Consider tracking what has been done on your Mac silently.
  • Would like to know what keystrokes are typed on your Mac.
  • Have admin privilege and need to record Passwords typed on your Mac.
  • Need to know what websites are visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Propósito para adquirir información de la actividad del escritorio de tu Mac
  • Think about obtaining chat logs of Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium and MSN.
  • Want to be informed with emails about what happened on your Mac.

Niños Reglas de Facebook por Aobo Mac Software espía

Facebook Rules for Kids by Aobo Mac Spy Software Social networking is an important part of kids online activity. Aobo Mac Software espía provides several tips to consider for monitoring and protecting your kids on social networking sites like Facebook.

  1. Parents should know the login password and have access to their Kids’ page.
  2. Report emails of Facebook posts, chats, etc. should come to the parents’ email address.
  3. Parents should customize their Kids’ settings to make their profile safer (privacy, visibility, etc).
  4. Kids should never share personal information (address, phone number, pictures, etc.) with anyone on Facebook that they do not know well.
  5. Parents should set a limit on the time that children are allowed on Facebook.
  6. Parents should consider having an account on Facebook themselves, and children should be expected to add and keep their parents as “friends.”
  7. Kids should not add strangers as friends, or use the Facebook chat box to talk to strangers.
  8. The computer should be kept in a common area of the house, such as a living room, where it will always be in easy view.
  9. Kids should immediately tell their parents if they see anything or talk to anyone on Facebook that makes them uncomfortable; and parents should take immediate action to block or report that material.
  10. If your kids break any of the set guidelines, his or her account should immediately be deleted and a probation period should begin until they re-earn their parents’ trust.

Parents cannot always stay with kids when they are enjoying Facebook. Parental control Software espía para Mac OS X are good helper for parenting. With Aobo Mac Software espía, parents can easily master the latest Facebook activity of kids and take actions to protect them in time.

Instalar Mac Keylogger Spy en Inicio Mac

Parents are so shocked by the immense amount of time that their kids spend online that they spare no effort to find an efficient way to prevent this appalling matter from getting worse. The Mac Keylogger Spy thus finds its way to home Macs. Aobo Mac Spy Keylogger is a tiny and smart device that runs in undetectable mode. And it will record all the activities of Mac, including the keystrokes, websites and chat conversations.

Algunos padres se preguntan si es correcto para que puedan solicitar una Mac Keylogger Spy to kids’ Mac. In fact, it is very necessary to do so, because other means can be easily detected by the today’s kids with computer expertise. What’s worse, lots of pubescent children are quite reluctant to communicate with their parents about what they did on Mac. Therefore, how to keep kids safe online becomes a hard nut to crack. Fortunately, with the assistance of Mac Spy Keylogger, parents can monitor all their kids’ activity online and protect them secretly.

It’s worth mentioning that since children will grow up and learn a lot of computer knowledge, they will equip with enough knowledge to realize they are monitored some day, which will lead to serious problems. As parents, you’d better discuss with them about this issue. Both you and the kids are responsible to do their best to create a healthy online environment.

Quality and Safe Parental Control Mac Spy Keylogger: Aobo Mac Keylogger Spy para Mac OS X.