3 Other Mac Spy Software Scams You Need to Know

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Escroqueries Mac Spy Software, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Spy Software scams which are going about the world.

1. Mac Spy Software that records keystrokes typed before installation.

Mac Spy Software will not log keystrokes tapped before the keylogger installation. Mac and other computers don’t save key presses by default, so anything that is typed before the keylogger installation won’t be recorded.

2. Mac Spy Software that can record admin account password.

A lot of Mac users ask about Mac Spy Software that runs before account login and records admin password, which is made the approach of online scams. Actually, Mac Spy Software, and almost all programs, cannot run before the loading of the user account.

3. Mac Spy Software that can be remotely installed by clicking a link/sending an email.

No such kind of Mac Spy Software at present and the truth is that Macs cannot execute things automatically – this means no programs will work remotely by links/emails on Macs. You need to physically be at the Mac to double click the program to install it. This is the only way to execute the program.

Dishonest businessmen use tricks to profit. All of these Mac Spy Software features are unavailable at current time. Taking a trial before you purchase will reduce the risk of being scammed.

Conseils pour faire Aobo Mac Spy Software Plus sécurisé

Notice: This guide is Out of Date. Aobo Keylogger for Mac 3.8 and above will hide itself after installation!!

In order to keep kids safe online, many parents install Aobo Mac Spy Software to monitor their kids’ activities. However, most of them are worried about the Mac spy software may be deactivated by their kids someday. Because children are more and more smart and even most of them are tech savvy. Once they realize they are monitored, they will uninstall or remove the Mac keylogger.

Mais vous pouvez choisir la confiance Aobo Mac Spy Software, which can hide itself well when monitoring. Children can hardly detect it, because there are some safe and rigorous measures in it.

The major safe measures to stop keylogger from being detected:

  • After correct installation and setup, Aobo Mac Spy Software will work automatically and secretly without kids’ knowing. Moreover, during running time, no pop-ups and prompts will show up.
  • Only an odd combined key can bring up the Aobo Mac Spy Software. You can set it and keep it secret.
  • Aobo Mac Spy Software offers password protection. Only parents have the password to enter the keylogger interface.

Tips to keep Aobo Mac Spy Software safe:

  • Alter the default hot key to an odd and complicated one.
  • Change spy software password and hot key periodically.
  • Keep administrator privileges private and set guest accounts for your kids.

2 Tips to Monitor Mac User Activities

As a parent, or an employer, you can use mac spy software and parental controls to keep an eye on what activities happened on your Mac OS X computers. The following tips will focus on how to keep track of the user activities.

Installer Mac Spy Software

Installation d'un Mac Spy Software is the first tip that should be highly recommended to you. Aobo Mac Keylogger, which is a kind of Logiciel espion pour mac, supports Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 and later. It enables you to track all user activities on mac, including all keystrokes, websites, passwords, screenshots, applications and chats. All of these activities will be recorded automatically and stealthily, once you apply the Mac Spy Software to your Mac.

Monitoring Features of Aobo Mac Spy Software.

  • Record keystrokes typed on any applications.
  • Record website visits in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Record passwords (Professional Edition).
  • Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval.
  • chats enregistrement à la fois côte dans Aim / Adium / iChat / MSN / Skype

Utiliser Mac Contrôle parental

The second tip is to use Parental Controls in Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7. The built-in Mac Contrôle parental assists you monitor activities on mac, which contains websites, applications and ichat.

Les détails suivants décrivent comment cela fonctionne.

  1. Log on to your Mac with an administrator account.
  2. Open “System Preferences” by clicking on the icon in the Dock.
  3. Go to the “Parental Controls” control panel listed below the “System” heading.
  4. Click on the lock in the lower-left corner of the screen and enter your administrative username and password.
  5. Select the account you want to supervise from the list on the left side of the control panel window.
  6. Go to the “Logs” tab at the top of the window. The control panel will now display all of the websites and applications that the account has accessed within the last week.


  • Mac OS X 10.4 has no Parental Controls so that this way can only be used in Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • You must be the administrator of the Mac, and Parental Controls cannot be enabled for administrator accounts.

We hope the two tips mentioned above can be your best choices, if you want to keep track of user activities on your Mac.

Comment trouver les mots de passe enregistrés par Aobo Mac Spy Software

You may be confused about how to find the recorded passwords in Aobo Mac Spy Software keystroke logs. Now you are provided the following tips and guides.

1. If web browser saved the account user name before, the spy software will only log the passwords typed in. And when the browser automatically fills both of the account user name and password, the spy software can’t catch either of them.

2. Find the passwords according to the type of the target account. For example, you want to discover the password of an email account. Find the email account number by searching @, the string after the account is probably the password.

3. If you want accurate passwords, please wait for some more time for the user to put in his/her password for times. Then compare the suspected keystrokes and identify the same strings, those are probably the passwords.

4. When you figure out where is the password but still fail to get the right one, you may need to use command lines to work out whether Shift/Delete/Alt keystrokes are used. Since some keystrokes share one key (such as ! and 1), the password-finding thing will become a little bit complicated. S'il vous plaît Contactez-nous pour plus d'aide en ligne de commande.

5. If you use an Azerty Keyboard (Keyboard for French, Spanish, etc.), please contact us for keyboard layout information for keystroke interpreting.

Note: The keystroke logs will not show up as soon as you type keystrokes. It will take some time to generate the logs after you type more than 100 keystrokes.

Tips: Auto-Delete Feature of Aobo Mac Spy Software

Une caractéristique de Aobo Mac Spy Keylogger pour Mac OS X is that you can set it to automatically delete logs after several days. Here we will give an introduction to the details of how it actually works, which will help users understand how to make Aobo Mac Spy Software work better.

1. The function of auto-delete, designed for users who have little future opportunity to access the target Mac, aims at reducing the size of log emails and making sure the log emails are sent successfully.

2. The function of auto-delete will recalculate the auto-delete time when you click “Hide and Go”. That is to say, if you bring up the keylogger interface and then hide and go it, the keylogger will postpone the time of its auto-delete.

3. The logs will not be automatically deleted if no one logs in the user account. Because Mac Spy Software will not work when you log out the account.

4. Only if the keylogger sends out a log email according to the email interval, it will delete the logs automatically. It does so to guarantee that you will not miss any log details.


1. If you are able to access the keylogger interface now and again, please delete logs manually.

2. If you are a user who has no access to the keylogger for a long time, please check “Automatically Delete Logs”.

3. If you need to send screenshots by emails, please set a shorter auto-delete interval such as 2 days.

Any other auto-delete problem, please contact the Aobo Mac Spy Software ticket support or live support on http://aobo.cc/support

Conseils pour surveiller Mutiple Comptes d'utilisateurs Mac Spy Software

Aobo Mac Spy Software can work on multi-user accounts on a Mac computer even if what you purchased is Personal License. To make Aobo Mac Spy Software monitor another user account’s keystrokes, websites and desktop, please refer to the following steps.

1. Login to the user account you want to monitor.
2. Download the Mac spy keylogger and copy the keylogger “.app” file to a secret folder such as “~/Library/Preferences”.
3. Double click the Mac spy keylogger “.app” file to run Aobo Mac Spy Software on the user account.
4. Use hotkey to call out the Aobo Mac Spy Software interface and configure it.

1. For Professional edition users
If you want to record all the users’ keystrokes only and physically check the keystroke logs on the main account, you can just install it on the main Administrator account and it will capture all users’ keystrokes. There is no need to follow the steps above to install Aobo Mac Spy Software on other user accounts.

If you want to record all the keystrokes, websites, and screenshots, please follow the steps above to install it for all user accounts.

2. Please check “Run keylogger every time your Mac starts” when you set up Aobo Mac Spy Software.

Comment choisir Aobo Mac Spy Software

Many clients purchase too quickly without taking well consideration about selecting which Spy Software edition. As a result, they have to upgrade purchase or switch to a different edition. To make sure every user understand which Aobo Mac Spy Software edition to use, Aobo will give some basic instructions about how to select a suitable edition between Standard and Professional here.

  • If you want to record password, please choose Professional edition. But be sure that vous connaissez le mot de passe admin of the target Mac before you purchase the Professional edition.
  • If you need to record the name of the program where the keystrokes are typed, please choose Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard edition which supports application name recording.
  • If you feel that you are not so familiar with Mac software installation, please choose the Standard edition. Standard is easy to install and use while the Professional is a little bit complicated for junior Mac users.
  • The Standard edition is 50% cheaper than the Professional edition, please consider your budget before purchase.

This is only a basic guide. If you have any further question, please turn to Aobo Mac Spy Software FAQ.

Résoudre le problème Email de Aobo Mac Spy Software

Certains Aobo Mac Spy Software users may run into the problem of not getting any emails. They will ask “why it happened” directly without giving any more details. Actually, the condition on your target Mac is complicated so that the mac spy software’s performance varies.

To help users solve the email problem easily and quickly, we provide the following guide.

1. Please make sure your settings on Email tab are correctly as we suggested, or the email sending will fail.

2. Please make sure you check the “Run keylogger every time your Mac starts” on General tab of the keylogger. If this option is unchecked, the mac keylogger will stop working after your Mac rebooting.

3. Please make sure that your Mac doesn’t go to sleep mode. The keylogger will stop working and the email sending will be unavailable in sleep mode. To prevent this from happening, please turn off the sleep mode. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2412

4. Please make sure the target Mac has Internet connection. It is understandable that the email cannot be sent without Internet connection so check it please when there is no email.

5. Please make sure your logs in email attachment are not oversized. For example, if the screenshots interval is too short, the logs will be too large to be sent, because some email servers do not support large-size attachment. The screenshots interval should be more than 20 minutes.

6. Please use a stable email service such as Gmail. Some email servers don’t work fine now and then or have great limitations on email size. This is also one of the factors affecting email function.

7. Please make sure you haven’t changed your email password. You may change your email password but forget to reconfigure it on the mac spy software. Change your email settings of the spy software when you change the email password please.

When you are sure that all the settings are correct, please click Send Test to check if the email function works fine. If the email still doesn’t work, please contact our Aobo Mac Spy Software Tech Support to solve the problem, we will help you as possible as we can.

How-tos A propos Aobo Mac Spy Software

How is Aobo Mac Spy Software different?

Aobo Mac Spy Software is the only one monitoring solution which supports password recording for Mac OS X users in present market. It can work with both Mac and w/Intel chip. Aobo Mac Spy Software has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components and gained 100% CLEAN Award from Softpedia.

How can I use Aobo Mac Spy Software?

You can use Aobo Mac Spy Software in your Mac to record keystrokes, websites and screenshots. All these features can help you parental control your kids or monitor the online activity of your employees.

How does Aobo Mac Spy Software work?

After downloading the Spy Software to your computer you need to install it and set it up by hand. After installation and set-up the software will secretly collect every keystroke typed, every website visited and capture screenshots in interval. It will generate a report and send it to a preset email account or FTP place. Of course you can choose to view the logs on the keylogger interface instead.

How can I get Aobo Mac Spy Software?

Actually it is very easy to get. Most of famous downloading sites provide software downloading. You can also get a free trial from them or from websites of Aobo Mac Spy Software. To get more information about this product or purchase you may visit the following sites:

Aobo Mac Keylogger

Aobo Keylogger Mac

Keylogger pour Mac / PC

Comment choisir un logiciel espion Convient pour Mac

If you want to apply Spy Software for Mac in your computer, you should be careful which one you buy. For those who use Mac OS system, selecting a suitable Spy Software for Mac is much more difficult, as most of the Spy Software is for PC and has not been evaluated as “safe and clean”.

You can do some small research before you make a choice.

1. Go to several great and famous downloading sites, search for the software and read the comments, especially the editor’ s. Most of the Spy Software for Mac has been submitted to large and famous downloading sites, and more or less, there are people downloading and discussing them. It is a clue we can not ignore.

2. It would be better if the Spy Software for Mac gain some awards. Some famous downloading sites will examine the safety before publishing the Spy Software for Mac to their downloading lists. For example, to assure site visitors that Spy Software for Mac is clean, Softpedia will examine the software and grant it with the “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award if the software is completely clean of adware/spyware components.

3. Before purchase, you’d better download a trial to test if it is suitable for you. Different folks, different strokes. Perhaps others consider Spy Software for Mac perfect but you feel it unsuitable. Try it and work it out.

4. Live support is always important. Just suppose when you need some after-sale service but you can not find one person to help you, isn’t it annoying? Live support is also a good source when you want more details about the software before you download it.

Actually, the things above are not only some advice on choosing Mac spy software, but also on other software. In a word, try to dig out the details as much as you can before purchase.

Softpedia Awarded Spy Software for Mac: Aobo Mac Keylogger