Mac logiciel keylogger espion va à Twitter

Aobo mac keylogger is the first apple mac application which can record keystrokes, websites, screenshots and even passwords.

Vous pouvez prendre une recherche, vous trouverez qu'il est le seul enregistreur de frappe pour Mac OS X which records passwords.

The keylogger can be used as parental control application on mac and employee monitoring software for mac.

J'utilise Aobo Keylogger pour mac for years, they have great customer support and technical support. I used it from the version 1.x to the version 3.x. The growth of the keylogger spy software company is fast. The product is more and more easy to use and powerful.

Aobo software provides a free trial of the keylogge application standard edtion for 3 days. The trial standard edition can’t record passwords.

To record passwords, you need to get the professional edition and have your mac os x admin password. So it is not a hacker tool or illegal spy software as it requres system admin password to install to log passwords.

Aobo Software maintenant mis la Aobo Mac Keylogger sur Twitter. You can follow them on twitter to get updates now.

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