Facile à utiliser programme Spy Mac

Programme Spy Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use spy utility that runs stealthily under Mac OS X. This spy program allows you to monitor and record almost all activities on your Mac, then it creates reports and sends them to your expected email box. Programme Spy Mac can be used in homes, schools or offices to monitor and record every detail of your Mac and Internet activity. It is great to use Mac Spy Program to monitor your staff, partner or children.

Programme Spy Mac makes it easy to secretly see what others do on your Mac while you are away. After installation, it will begin secretly recording everything that is done on your Mac. Apart from keystrokes and websites, Programme Spy Mac records texts of emails composed and both sides of chat conversations in MSN, Adium, iChat, Skype and AOL Instant Messenger. This easy-to-use Programme Spy Mac also has the ability to instantly forward all the logged data directly to your email address. Aobo Mac Spy is one of the cutting-edge Mac Spy Programs, which is the perfect tool for long-term recording and monitoring on Mac OS X.

Principales caractéristiques de Programme Spy Aobo Mac pour Mac OS X:

  • Logs Frappes Typed
  • Grumes sites Web visités
  • Logs mots de passe tapés
  • Prend des instantanés d'écran
  • Journaux de chat Conversations
  • Journaux Frappes dactylographiées Courriel
  • Envoie des journaux d'activité par e-mail ou FTP
  • Fonctionne dans TOTAL STEALTH

In addition, with the powerful feature of Programme Spy Mac – desktop screenshots recording, you will be provided with clear and specific pictures of everything happened on your Mac. For example, desktop screenshots captured by Programme Spy Mac will show you the running applications and other desktop activities on your Mac.

logiciels Mac Spy comme Programme Spy Mac from Aobo Software operates in stealth mode, so users will not be aware of its existence or be able to terminate or uninstall it.

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