Monitor Mac Programok PC-n keresztül Mac Spy Software

Using parental control software is very important for setting certain rules and restrictions when it comes with computer and Internet, but parents need more than just parental control software. For those who have Mac computers in their homes, there is also a need for monitoring children and others. The perfect solution comes from Aobo Spy Software, a fully-featured Spy Software for Mac.

All Mac users can be monitored with Spy Software for Mac. Some people also use spy software, for example, to supervise staff members. In some cases, admins may have little chance to access the target Mac computers to check logs. Thus what you need is a Mac Spy Software that supports remote logs viewing.

Aobo Spy Software for Mac is the ultimate surveillance solution for any Mac users who want to monitor Mac activities via PC. The software requires no special knowledge to install and use. It also runs invisibly, so that no one other than you, the owner of the computer, needs to know that it is running.

Nem csak Aobo Spy Software for Mac record every keystroke, it also allows you to read chat conversations and emails sent as well as websites visited. It will also take screenshots periodically, enabling you to review an entire visual history of your Mac computer’s use.

Another available feature of this Aobo Mac Spy Software is that you will continuously receive accurate and reliable reports of the Mac activities on any other computers, including Mac and PC, and even by mobile phones. Therefore you are able to monitor your Mac activities with a remote device.

For more information, please visit Aobo Spy Software for Mac website.

3 Other Mac Spy Software Scams You Need to Know

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Mac Spy Software csalások, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Spy Software scams which are going about the world.

1. Mac Spy Software that records keystrokes typed before installation.

Mac Spy Software will not log keystrokes tapped before the keylogger installation. Mac and other computers don’t save key presses by default, so anything that is typed before the keylogger installation won’t be recorded.

2. Mac Spy Software that can record admin account password.

A lot of Mac users ask about Mac Spy Software that runs before account login and records admin password, which is made the approach of online scams. Actually, Mac Spy Software, and almost all programs, cannot run before the loading of the user account.

3. Mac Spy Software that can be remotely installed by clicking a link/sending an email.

No such kind of Mac Spy Software at present and the truth is that Macs cannot execute things automatically – this means no programs will work remotely by links/emails on Macs. You need to physically be at the Mac to double click the program to install it. This is the only way to execute the program.

Dishonest businessmen use tricks to profit. All of these Mac Spy Software features are unavailable at current time. Taking a trial before you purchase will reduce the risk of being scammed.

Tippek, hogy Aobo Mac Spy Software biztonságosabb

Notice: This guide is Lejárt. Aobo Keylogger for Mac 3.8 and above will hide itself after installation!!

In order to keep kids safe online, many parents install Aobo Mac Spy Software to monitor their kids’ activities. However, most of them are worried about the Mac spy software may be deactivated by their kids someday. Because children are more and more smart and even most of them are tech savvy. Once they realize they are monitored, they will uninstall or remove the Mac keylogger.

De ki lehet választani a megbízható Aobo Mac Spy Software, which can hide itself well when monitoring. Children can hardly detect it, because there are some safe and rigorous measures in it.

The major safe measures to stop keylogger from being detected:

  • After correct installation and setup, Aobo Mac Spy Software will work automatically and secretly without kids’ knowing. Moreover, during running time, no pop-ups and prompts will show up.
  • Only an odd combined key can bring up the Aobo Mac Spy Software. You can set it and keep it secret.
  • Aobo Mac Spy Software offers password protection. Only parents have the password to enter the keylogger interface.

Tips to keep Aobo Mac Spy Software safe:

  • Alter the default hot key to an odd and complicated one.
  • Change spy software password and hot key periodically.
  • Keep administrator privileges private and set guest accounts for your kids.

Ellenőrizze Aobo Mac Spy Software Rönk keresztül iPhone

As one of Aobo Mac Spy Software users, you may be busy on a fair number of travels and it is difficult for you to check email reports by computer frequently. In that case, you can make use of your iPhone to read log reports. It is easy and goes this way.

  1. Configure Email settings of the keylogger on your Mac and take a test successfully.
  2. Touch "Levél" option on your iPhone to receive log emails. If you didn’t use Mail before, you need to setup it.
  3. Download the Zip-format attachments in your log emails to your iPhone.
  4. Open the Zip file. If your iPhone doesn’t support Zip file, please download and install a file manager from App Store, such as Zip File Viewer.
  5. You will find there are log files named Keystokes, Websites and some pictures for screenshots (only available when you take the function of screenshots recording into work) in the Zip file.
  6. Open the log files with your web browser such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Congratulations! You can read the log details of your Mac by iPhone now!

Also, it is possible for you to read logs by this way on your Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and other smart mobile phones.

Note: Please make sure the size of the log email doesn’t outstrip the limit size of your mobile phone by setting the interval of the Email Sending, Screenshots Recording and Auto Deleting on your Spy Software interface.

A funkciók és a Mac Spy Software

Many people are using a Keylogger on their computers, however, do you ever know how does a Mac kém szoftver work? Most of the people may give a negative answer. Usually, the Mac spy software works stealthy on the background generating log reports with all recorded keystrokes, websites, screenshots which are captured from a target computer you are monitoring. You could spy on your children, employees. You can say that Mac kém szoftver plays important role – detective – in monitoring your computer.

Some keyloggers are able to block what you consider inappropriate for teenagers or unnecessary in the office, which performs like an Internet police or firewall. Most of the spy software programs can operate in a secret way so that the computer users will have no idea that you are watching them with a Mac kém szoftver. Some other keyloggers owns the ability of informing some messages when the users are visiting any improper content like porn. If you are a parent, you could take advantage of this kind of keylogger to take control of your kids and prevent them from online danger.

Get a Spy Software program which offers you the maximum capacity of monitoring and protection. However, you may find it maybe difficult to select a Mac keylogger program that meets your own needs. The free keylogger on the Internet is not suggested since you are just getting a limited free keylogger, some of them may be harmful to your computer.

One of the great Mac monitoring program which is also be recommended by top download sites and customers is Aobo Mac Spy Software. The Aobo Mac Spy Software provides a powerful recording features of logging passwords, keystrokes, chat, websites, screenshots. What’s more, the log reports are specified with a detailed time of chat logs and emails from the target Mac. Download Aobo Mac Spy Software and monitor all the Mac users with one log-in accounts now!

Új funkció Aobo Mac Spy Software

Reading the title, you might murmur that everybody knows Aobo Mac Spy Software is used for monitoring activities on Mac, or what else new it had in?

In fact, it is not something new, but something people always ignore, which is the base of Spy Software – recording. Yes, recording. Spy Software can record every keystroke you type into Mac. Actually, the story goes like this:

One of my friends is a freelancer. She writes light and funny fiction favored by teenagers and posts to a fiction site. She note down every word and story which moves readers.

But her little son Dante never does a good turn to her work. The aged-7 gentleman loves the Internet very much. To keep an eye on his on-line activities, my friend installed Aobo Mac Spy Software on her Mac. Dante always uses her Mac and inevitably balls it up every time. And my friend had never considered creating a client account for Dante. It was at first not serious because there was nothing important lost or damaged.

However, things changed last time. All her drafts in store were lost after Dante finished his Mac journey! With the approaching of deadline to update the fiction, she became more and more anxiety because she still can not get back the previous sense of words that be able to stir readers’ heart. She was stuck in writers’ block and was about to come to me for grumble.

But, she told me later, she came across the mind that once she read about her story in the log emails from Aobo Mac Spy Software. She began to check her emails immediately and gradually picked out all things she typed.

After finishing the fiction, she chatted with me on-line and told me the whole story. With her permission, I share this story to remind all of you that Aobo Mac Spy Software can also be used to back up important drafts.

Mi Mac Spy Software válasszunk

Spy software for Mac is widely developed and used in many aspects. But it seems that most of the people don’ t know what kind of Mac Spy Software can assist them to the utmost extent. Now the following examples will tell you exactly which one to buy.

Case 1: Your kids always take advantage of your working and shopping time to use your computer. But you never see the website history. They are pretty young so you really want to know what they are doing on the computer in your absence.

Megoldás: Since you are the administrator of the computer and have all permissions, you can install a Mac keylogger software in your computer to track your kids’ behavior online. You can use Aobo Mac Spy Software, it can record keystrokes, log website visited and capture screenshots. The Professional Edition even can record passwords.

Case 2: Your husband has been going out almost every night and sometimes came home the next morning. He changed the admin password of his Mac to the one you don’t know. He has been real rude to you and refused to talk to you. He has been acting so strange that you want to know if he is cheating on you.

Megoldás: It would be better you use Mac Spy Software which supports remote installation because you have no physical access to his Mac. Aobo távoli Mac Keylogger can be installed remotely. It can send logs to your email or FTP place. With password protection your husband will be unable to uninstall it.

Case 3: You are a chief leader of a small office and catch your personnel visiting irrelevant websites during working time. You want to find out what sites they usually go to and block the sites out of your office computer, but you can not afford expensive network management system.

Megoldás: What you need isa Mac Spy Software programs with blocking function. Use Safe Eyes’ Keylogger for Mac in your office. It can record websites visited and block sites as well as programs by logic. Moreover, it can limit time online and alert you when inappropriate content is accessed.

Learning the above cases, you must have understood how to choose different Mac Spy Software in different circumstances. The next you should do is just letting them help you more.

Know Your Kids’ Doings Online With Aobo Mac Spy Software

Once you go online and discover exactly what websites your kids are visiting, you will get shocked. You may thought they were just visiting game sites, but with teenagers today you will be in for a big surprise. You will find that there is an even bigger need for computer parental control than you thought as you realize you kids had Facebook accounts and are visiting many sites that are adult in nature, oftentimes by accident.

The internet can be quite dangerous for children. For this reason it is extremely important that you know what to do to keep an eye on what your kids are doing online. Just realize that you can’t always be looking over your child’s shoulder while they browse the internet. This is where keylogger software can really lend you a hand.

Keylogger software is one of the best and also highly recommended ways to monitor what your kids are doing in the internet. With this software, you will be able to effectively monitor what your kids do in the internet by the keystrokes and screenshots recorded by the keylogger software.

These are the benefits that you can get with keylogger software. With it, you will be able to protect your kids of sexual predators, and you will also be able to protect yourself from identity thieves.

Be sure to research different parental control programs so that you can monitor your child’s online activity and keep your family safe.

Nagyra értékeljük a választott Aobo Távoli Mac Keylogger for parental control tool.

Vélemények és tippek a Szülői felügyeletet a gyerekek

Parental control software provides parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions while using computers and Internet. These controls may include: monitoring your kids’ computer use, controlling the content, or limiting the amount of time they can use their device.

First popular type of parental control is about recording. Most of time they are called spy software or keylogger. Many of the third-party parental controls offer a wide range of logging features starting from basics, such as keystrokes, websites to advanced features like screenshots capturing, online chats recording, and Email sending and FTP uploading. Nowadays, there are not only PC spy software, but also Mac and mobile spy software. Aobo Mac Keylogger is the very cool Mac keylogger.

Web filter is the another type of widespread parental controls to limit access to Internet content, especilally porn content. Aobo pornó szűrő allows you to set a schedule during what URL or website Internet access is allowed or blocked. It supports website blocking according to the pre-compiled website ratings in their database. This is useful, because you can’ t possibly enter all the unwanted websites by hand. They may also allow restrictions on gaming playing and applications. What Aobo superior to ordinary ones is that it can record the website visited, so that you can get to know your kid’ s online interests.

Here are some additional advice about parental control:
1, Install your home computer in the living room, where you can walk by from time to time. Try not to make your teenager feel like you are monitoring him / her though.
2, Make sure they understand not to send their name or address over the internet to someone they have never seen in real life.
3, Try to show some interest in what your child is doing online. Talk about the fun stuff, so that they know what is OK to talk about.

Hogyan válasszuk ki a legjobb Mac Spy Software

When you come to find spy software for mac, you may always want to choose the best one without spending a lot time to research.
Here we offer some suggestions about how to choose the best Mac Spy Software.
We do the research so you don’t need to.

Step 1. Know what function do you need.

  • If you just want to record keystrokes except passwords. Then any Mac Spy Software has this feature. Please just go to Step 2.
  • If you need Mac Spy software to record passwords. Then the only choice is Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition.
  • To record website visits, screenshots of the desktop is easy, just go to Step 2..

Step 2. Check their customer support level.

  • If the Mac spy software vendor doesn’t provide online instructions, faqs, documents of the software. You will get into trouble if you purchase from the vendor.
  • Always select the Mac spy software provider with online live support. Live support shows the company is real and live. You may contact them for help very easily.
  • Support Ticket rendszer szükséges, mivel a támogatás az e-mail lehet utasítani vagy spamnek jelölt

Step 3. Compare the Mac Spy software price

  • Ne vásároljon a szoftver rendkívül alacsony áron, mert mindig van átverés
  • Vedd meg a kém szoftver Mac szerint a költségvetés