Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア tracks and reports online activities of your kids, husband/wife, employees and people who use your Mac without your authorization.

Internet is a very nice media to connect with outer World. People use it to connect with other people, share files, and amuse themselves and take part in lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms. While browsing Internet, children, partners or employees who lack strong will can be misled to inappropriate online activities by harmful and trashy information.

A feasible plan is to monitor the Internet use. Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア is capable of recording websites accessed with web browsers as well as everything that is pressed on the keyboard connected to your Mac.

  • Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア records keystrokes, including account names and passwords, typed on any websites and applications by every user on your Mac.
  • Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア logs visited websites in Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on your Mac. It also shows you the time stamps of opened websites.
  • Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア tracks chat conversations in Instant Messengers, including the information of senders and receivers, dates and times and chat messages.
  • Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア takes desktop snapshots. Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア creates log files for recorded data and then sends to you via Email or uploads to your FTP space.

Internet Spy Software for Mac works in stealth mode. It automatically runs in background at Mac startup. When you are doing something else on desktop, Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア will turn into stealth mode by itself. The only way to access the Mac用のインターネットのスパイソフトウェア is to hit a secret hot key and offer a pre-set keylogger password.


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