Are you desire to know what keystrokes are typed on your Mac? AoboパスワードのMacのスパイソフトウェア helps you record Mac users’ Keystrokes and Passwords.

Mac Spy Software is an application running on your Mac and logging each keystroke a user presses on the keyboard. But Aobo Mac Spy Software records more. Aobo Mac Spy Software Standard will record exactly the application name, date & time of typed keystrokes. Aobo Mac Spy Software Professional even records typed Passwords.

Aobo Macのスパイソフトウェアのロギング機能

  • ウェブサイト上で入力されたキーストロークをログに記録
    E.g.: keystrokes from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail,etc.
  • アプリケーションに入力されたキーストロークをログに記録
    E.g.: keystrokes from Skype, Yahoo Messenger, World of Warcraft, etc.


  • ログは、任意のウェブサイト上でパスワードを入力しました
    E.g.: passwords from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace,etc.
  • ログは、メールアカウントのパスワードを入力しました
    E.g.: passwords typed in login of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • ログインパスワードは、アプリケーションに入力されました
    E.g.: passwords from Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN, AIM, etc.
  • ログは、ゲームのアカウントのパスワードを入力しました
    E.g.: passwords of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy, etc.

Aobo Mac Spy Software log files can be sent secretly via Email or uploaded to FTP for further reference. In this way Aobo Macのスパイソフトウェア users can easily view logs remotely with any device that you can receive Emails. Aobo Macのスパイソフトウェア is 100% safe and clean and free from malware. For the sake of security, physical access is required for installation of Aobo Macのスパイソフトウェア. The Professional Mac Spy Software requires Admin Password for installation.

Aobo Mac Spy Software are mostly used for benign purposes like allowing parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts on the Internet or enabling business managers to monitor office Mac computers.

  • あなたの子供を監視します
    You can know everything with Aobo Parental Mac Spy Software to protect your children.
  • あなたの従業員を監視します
    Managers will know the truth and avoid business secrets leaking with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger.

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  • 真実を知ります
    You can discover the truth or catch a cheating spouse with Aobo Mac Spy Software installed on Mac.

Note: You only can spy on your cheating spouse with her or his permission, or it is illegal.



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