Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア runs as a secret process that records all keystrokes typed and websites visited on the Mac where it is running. Some advanced ones such as Aobo Remote Spy Software for Mac records 2-side chats in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium. In addition, this Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア also takes periodic desktop screenshots and log IP address of monitored Mac.

Nowadays Remote Spy Software for Mac cannot be remotely installed, but it supports remote log viewing. Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア delivers the logs and screenshots, at set intervals, to certain specified destinations, such as the Email address or FTP account set by the person who configured the Remote Spy Software for Mac.

インストールして構成した人 Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア recovers the keystrokes, websites, chats, screenshots and IP address of the monitored Mac remotely with an Internet-connected device, for example, iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac and Windows PC by receiving Emails or connecting to preset FTP space. No matter how far the targeted Mac is, the リモートスパイソフトウェア user will be able to receive and check logs remotely.

Aobo Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア can be very useful when you send your children away to boarding school. The Remote Spy Software on your Mac starts working in stealth mode as your kid logins and sends logs to you at the interval you set such as half an hour. With Mac用のリモートスパイソフトウェア, you can monitor the users who use your Mac easily and remotely.

  • Sam Gunning says:

    Does this software record passwords, as well, and remain undetected?

    Re: Yes the Professional edition of Aobo Mac Spy records passwords and no matter which edition it is, it remains undetected.


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