Mac Spy Software users may run into kinds of problems when purchase or use spy software. Today we will talk about what happened to my customers.

新しいクライアントは、半年前、彼はスパイソフトウェアの作品を購入したことを私たちに訴えた後は 競合他社の1から but found that it stopped working a few months later. When he approached the email support of the spy software he was told that he needed to pay extra $69 per year to update the software to continue using it. He never heard about or read any announcement about its update policy anywhere before his purchasing. He took it as a scam and switched to Aobo Macのキーロガー which supports one-time payment and life-time use.

Our advice is that before you purchase spy software you should do enough homework. Do not just to see the low price and forget the quality of the spy software and its service. A good way is to contact the software support to gain more information and install a trial before purchase. There are too many scams in present market. Please be cautious about purchasing online.

Some other customers had difficulties in installing or using Aobo Spy Software for Mac but they didn’t check the instructions in the order email or ReadMe file in the installation package carefully, and they didn’t turn to the 技術サポート when they were still unable to solve the problem before it was too late. One of the users could not put the email-sending function of Aobo Spy Software into effect due to incorrect setup, but she never took it seriously until days ago she gave away the Mac to her son who is studying abroad in UK now.

私たちは、あなたがお使いのMacを離れて送信する前に、すべてのAoboのユーザーがいるので、あなたのスパイソフトウェアが正しくセットアップされ、正常に動作されることを確認してください示唆しています Mac用Aoboキーロガー doesn’t support remote operation at present. Please contact the live support for assistance in time if you have any problem you cannot deal with during the keylogger installation or using.

The stories are only two tips about purchasing and using spy software. In the later articles we will discuss more.


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