Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어

Aobo 맥 스파이 소프트웨어 인 맥 OS X에 대한 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어 users, which invisibly logs Mac and Internet activities, such as keystrokes, accounts & passwords, composed Emails, instant messenger chats (MSN, AIM, Skype, iChat and Adium), desktop screenshots, visited websites (Safari, Firefox and Chrome), etc. In addition, Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어 has the feature of transferring logged data to a pre-set Email box or FTP space.

Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어 is the easiest and most effective solution for home and office users. Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어 effectively reveals online misbehaviors, unfaithful activities, Internet abuse and more of your kids, employees. With Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어, parents can instantly find inappropriate website visiting and suspicious chats with "friends" of their kids, man or wife can easily disclose the nasty betrayal, the employers can quickly discover who are abusing company resources on surfing on-line shops and or social networking websites during working hours.

Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어 will put you at ease with its stealth feature. Mac 용 Aobo 감지 불가능한 스파이 소프트웨어 works unlike virus, malware or spyware, so it escapes detective work from Kaspersky, Norton and more. Without hints or popups, users would not have any clue that the Mac has been installed with Mac 용 탐지 스파이 소프트웨어.

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